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 RAC rules(must read before making an RAC)

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PostSubject: RAC rules(must read before making an RAC)   Sun 22 Jul - 16:26

Here are the rules or our gladiator system the rupture anims champions

To make a champion you must add a picture:
[insert picture that is wider than tall and has your character's appearance]

general powers:
[Write about your RAC's powers/abilities, this can be from a fire shooting mage down to a guy who has mastered the martial arts of twigs. Remember, be original and do not be overpowered]
and weaknesses:
[What are the flaws to your RAC, for instance a water warrior could overcome your fire mage for the fact water puts out fire, and your guy with twigs, can be beaten by a sword]

Another thing is the Story of your RAC:
[Insert a paragraph about how your warrior came to be, add random facts on personality and remember from the powers, be Original!]

You will need a reference animation, known as a Rupture Reference:
(this is an animation that shows your character using his abilities)

you must also add the next facts:
weapon skills

You get 10 points which you will spread between your abilities (above) and you win 2 points every won battle
There will also be levels, every 5 points from ten you get a level. So you start level 1.

After a battle, you must put a link to the battle thread that you were voted on.

Here is a model RAC: (Cuddy's)

(Prince of Ingland Morte Palace)

Powers: He has a growing spear and dragon styled kung fu experience. Has a synchronise ability that makes whatever happen to him, happen to the enemy.

Weakness: He is hurt two times as much when using synchronisation, and he is not very strong, making it difficult to manage hard hits and other problems.

Story: Born into the royal bloodline trained as a warrior from birth, young Cuddy was yet to become a true king. As a young, his nation was invaded by power hungry warriors that overcame his land and become the new leaders of Ingland. When the invasion began, he was quickly hidden along with the Queen of Morte Palace, in solitude, in which he trained hecticly day and night. He was crafted into a dangerous weapon. It is now, he needs to win the tournament of RAC to become the reborn king of Ingland.

Rupture reference:

speed: 3
weapon skills:3

level 1 fighter:
no battles

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RAC rules(must read before making an RAC)
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