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 RAC battles (must read)

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PostSubject: RAC battles (must read)   Sun 22 Jul - 18:37

RAC battles are a way to get points on your Rupture Anims' Champion (RAC)

-How to start a battle
To make a battle you must first of all challenge a fellow member by any form of communication, it is when they accept, that you can officially under go a battle of skill. You must set a Due date, theme of battle and anything that could be added as an requirment.

-They accepted, what do I do?
You must make an animation that is of a good length, this animation must feature your RAC and their RAC in a fierce battle and, make your Character win! Make sure to have an original animation that will be better than your opponent's.

-I have finished my animation, what happens now
Well, you make a thread in this section with both of your RACs and both animations. The thread MUST be called '[name of your RAC] vs [Opponent's RAC]'. You will then need to request an moderator/admin to put up a poll. This poll will be for either you or your opponent. whoever gets the most votes Wins!

-The votes came in, I win!
You now get 3 more points added to your RAC and a victory added to your thread! You also come out with more reputation and a chance of the top 5 RACs of the month!

-The votes came in, I lost
Better luck next time, you will need to add your battle to your RAC thread. You get 1 point but you come out with more skill with animation, in preparation for the next battle.

-The votes came in, we drew!?
Wow, you will both add 2 points to your thread and you now have a great story!

-Is there anyway to get more points?
If an admin believes that in your battle, you had put a lot of effort into it, you can concede 1 more point!
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RAC battles (must read)
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