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 COLLAB guidelines

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PostSubject: COLLAB guidelines   Tue 10 Apr - 21:26

1. If you wanna make a collab just make sure you are devoted, you can(or have somebody) to compile

2.Title: Think of a good title, this a lot of times being your ideas name. E.G Portals = Portal collab

Intro: Include some sort of intro, and/or explain what your Collab is about, to inform everyone.

- SPECS:Explain what people really need to do

- Flash version: This is important to note even if you use the newest version of Flash. E.G if you use Flash CS4 ''CS4 or below''
- Frame rate: Note what frame rate everyone should be animating in. E.G ''FPS: 24''
- Canvas size: Note how big the canvas size is: E.G the default "'550x400''
- Length: Note how long the entries can be if there is a limit. E.G ''30 seconds to a minute long''
- Use of sound effects: Note if the members can use their own sounds, or if its preferred to just have music.
- Naming symbols: Note that members have to name their symbols, else Flash problems can occur. [E.G [<MemberName>Kick1]

Due date: Note when the Collab will end. Noting a due date can be more important then it sounds,
since it can motivate members to start animating, and it shows you don't just want to have your Collab sitting around forever.

Finished your entry?: <Note how people can send their entry once they are finished>
(E.G : Sending a Private message/Inbox, Email, IRC)


- V-CAM use: Note if the V-CAM can be used or not. Some prefer to use it, some don't.
- Music: Note which music you are gonna use
- Requirements/Rules: If there are certain rules you'd want. E.G Must have a background.
- List of Participants: Write down the list of people that are in:
Also, you can tag paticipants who are done with their entires with a * for example

- Danick*
- Dugas
- Mirrors
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COLLAB guidelines
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